Tips for Moving and Storing

Make Alameda Mini Storage your personal storage space in Denver and Aurora. These secure self storage units feature on-site expert (and friendly) management and extra wide lanes.

Save money with these helpful hints to make moving — and making the most of your personal storage space — a bit easier:

checkmark22Purchase the appropriate size box to accommodate the weight.

The heavier the group of items are, the smaller the box you will want to use. For example, you can easily fit about 80 pounds of plates into a medium size box, but it makes a whole lot more sense to fit about 25 pounds of plates into a small size box. Carrying too much weight in a box will either get you injured or be the cause of the box breaking open and spilling most of the contents onto the hard floor. Like the old adage says, “Better to be safe than sorry!” (Alameda Mini Storage carries a variety of size and types of boxes to make packing a lot easier.)

checkmark22Insulate according to delicacy.

The more susceptible to breakage the item is, the more you will want to surround it with packing insulation. (Packing peanuts or a 10 lb. box of newspaper wrapping can stretch a long way and give you the appropriate protection required. Both are available for purchase at Alameda Mini Storage.)

checkmark22Seal boxes with appropriate shipping tape.

Do not attempt to seal your boxes with masking tape or some other inadequate tape. Be sure to use a tape that is designed to seal and hold strong for shipping or storage. (Here at Alameda Mini Storage, we carry the appropriate tape at a good price!)

checkmark22Break down large items.

When it comes to storing goods, it is much easier to make room if items that can be broken down, are broken down. For example, tables with legs or dressers with large mirrors. By disassembling some of these items, it will make it much easier to move and find space in your personal storage space.

checkmark22Label boxes.

It is always a smart practice to identify and mark the ones that are fragile.

checkmark22Some prefer a covering on the floor before stacking their items.

It is not usually necessary to spread a cover over a concrete floor when storing. But for those who prefer, a simple large dust cover (sold here at Alameda Mini Storage) is more than adequate to shield your boxes from the floor.

checkmark22Stack according to weight.

It is wise to place the heavier boxes on the bottom and then stack the lighter ones on top of them. This helps to give the stacking a good foundation.

checkmark22If you’re going to need access, place your boxes accordingly.

If you plan to access some of your items, be sure to place those boxes toward the front of your storage unit space. This will save you a lot of aggravation later!

checkmark22Be aware of the local storage laws.

For example, many states have statutes that regulate methods for handling and disposing of files containing personal information.

checkmark22Do not store food or other perishable items.

checkmark22Do not store flammable or hazardous items.

checkmark22Buy a disc lock or other heavy lock for your storage door.

Good sound security begins with this first fundamental step. A quality lock can make the difference between someone choosing to tamper or avoid tampering with the lock that secures your storage space. (We recommend a disc lock, which we carry here at our Alameda Mini Storage office.) See “WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH DISC LOCKS?” on the Frequently Asked Storage Questions page for more information about disc locks.