Storage Units – not always about money

First of all, if you have your goods in storage, or are thinking about it, then I’m going to make an assumption that you care about the stuff you are storing.  If you didn’t, then why not just sell all of it at a yard sale?  So now that caring for your stored goods has been established, there are 4 big, BIG items that should concern you when you’re shopping for space.  If money is your only concern – who is offering rent for the cheapest – then I question how important the stuff is that you want to store.

Our storage units in denver and aurora have security cameras that are important in securing your goods.First, how secure is the facility?  Are there alarms on the storage doors?  Are there cameras throughout the yard (not just at the gate site)?  Is the premise well lit?  Is there a perimeter fence and a well built entry gate?  How does a tenant gain access to their storage space?  Does there seem to be a management “presence” at the site ( a control of the site to make you feel secure)?  These are just a few security measures that should concern everyone who is paying money to store their goods.

Alameda Mini Storage offers easy payment options.Services offered should be another item of concern for tenants who store.  Are there several ways to make the rent payment?  Does the storage facility accept a variety of credit cards?  Does the business sell moving supplies?  Are the gate hours acceptable?  Does the office offer senior or student rates?  Is the business consistent in its operations (evenness and fairness applied across the board)?  For us at AMS, It’s not just about how many services we have to offer, but how those services are being rendered.

Alameda Mini Storage offers easy access to storage units.I would also include the layout of the facility as being an important matter of concern.  Are the lanes wide enough to drive to your space in a moving truck?  Do you have to walk far to unload or load your items?  Do you have to stage your stuff in one spot then move it to the right location afterward?  Do you have to use cumbersome elevators to reach your space?  Also, is the facility “semi tractor-trailer” accessible (most facilities are not)?  And finally, is the facility clean and well maintained?

Our onsite managers are professional and friendly.Lastly, and probably the most important:  Are the managers sincere and friendly?  We have seen quite a few customers who have come to us for storage simply as a result of managers being uncaring or rude.  For us here at AMS, it’s all about the experience.  We have learned that a tenant who has had a good experience with us during their stay will refer us to others or repeat as customers.  On the other hand, tenants who have had a lousy experience will make it a point to tell everyone.  Unfortunately, there are many people including managers , who work with the public and lack many of the skills it takes to make their customers feel special.

If you’re fortunate enough to locate a facility with all of these attributes, it won’t be the cheapest.  Why?  Because that facility is adding value for its tenants.  Being competitive is not just about the money- who is offering the biggest discounts and the lowest rates.  If it was, then nothing else would matter.

Alameda Mini Storage has storage units of all sizes. We serve those looking for self-storage units in Aurora, Denver, and many surrounding areas. See our Contact Us page for a listing of zip codes within a 5-mile radius.